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Prospect High: Brooklyn had its

first workshop and reading at

Roundabout Theatre Company in April 2014.


Original Workshop Cast

ANDREA: Jeanette Dilone

DEVIN: Amara James Aja

ANNY: Khalid Rivera

BRIA: Ivy Haralson

MR. CHARLES: Daniel Robert Sullivan


Original Direction by: Shelley Butler

Dramaturg: Shannon Deep

Stage Manager: Julia Borowski


Further development took place

under the direction of

Christopher V. Edwards

at the Nevada Conservatory Theatre,

in association with the

University of Nevada-Las Vegas,

in September 2015.

Prospect High: Brooklyn is a 90-minute play based on the real experiences and conversations of a group of New York City teenagers. The play may be presented traditionally with five characters, or as an ensemble piece with 12, 18, or more characters.

Created by Daniel Robert Sullivan and the 46th St. Collective, the play takes place in multiple rooms throughout an enormous city high school. We begin at 2:47 PM and run in real time, meeting (at least) four highly-charged students and (at least) one comically apathetic teacher. Addressing themes of gun violence, trans identity, deep friendships, self-harm, and casual racism, we see life-changing actions that culminate in one disturbing act. Is there a way violence could have been prevented?

In 2015-16, Prospect High: Brooklyn became the first play in history to experience a coordinated Rolling World Premiere in high school theatres. With the support of Roundabout Theatre Company, the play was independently produced in 23 cities across the country and overseas.

The 46th St. Collective is Chanique Peart, Paul Tanis, Aaliyah Stewart, Deshaye Tingling, Amanda Rodriguez, Isaiah Latimer, Jaylin Acosta, Shannon Deep, Rebecca Powell, Brandy Brown, Azaria Guthrie, and Rachel Friedman.